Record Patient Consultations

Record and secure critical patient information at the touch of a button.

Secure, Encrypted Storage

All patient-related recordings are encrypted and stored off-site. Our storage meets the highest grades of security and confidentiality with strict access controls in place, in accordance with government regulations.


Our practitioners rest assured knowing that they adhere to record-keeping guidelines that improve clinical outcomes, reduce waste and ensure stakeholder engagement and patient satisfaction.

Our fully automated solution is designed to integrate with your practice or business without disrupting your day-to-day operations.



In the technology-driven modern practice, there is a dangerous lack of documentation for telephonic conversations between patients and healthcare providers. This creates a very real medico-legal risk for practitioners who rarely have the time or resources to keep an adequate or accurate record of these conversations as mandated by statutory bodies. Supplying telephonic advice about the management of a patient carries the same medico-legal risk as attending to the patient in person. We enable our clients to manage and reduce their medico-legal risk and optimise their financial reward for non-tangible services rendered.


In the fast-paced, modern law practice, adequate record keeping of telephonic conversations is paramount. This allows the legal practitioner to adequately reflect the nuances of discussions with colleagues and clients, while on the run.
Most law firms have desk-based solutions to bill for professional telephonic advice, but not on mobile devices. This loss of revenue can result in a significant loss of potential earnings for professional services rendered.



At ColdCall we understand the risks involved in running your daily business. Miscommunication and the lack of records poses a great risk to the modern business.
ColdCall is the ultimate combined hardware and software electronic communication resource for any business. ColdCall enables you to reduce wasteful expenditure, take control of your business communication and enhance your income-stream.