In the technology-driven modern practice, there is a dangerous lack of documentation for telephonic conversations between patients and healthcare providers. This creates a very real medico-legal risk for practitioners who rarely have the time or resources to keep an adequate or accurate record of these conversations as mandated by statutory bodies.

Supplying telephonic advice about the management of a patient carries the same medico-legal risk as attending to the patient in person. The risk is especially high in after-hour conversations about emergency patients. In most cases, these conversations are documented by a third party and not by the health care practitioner advising on the management of the patient. When a future disagreement arises or complications related to patient management are investigated, the advising practitioner often has no accurate record of the conversation.

Advising on the management of patients over the telephone is a billable professional service. As there is no record of these conversations, many healthcare practitioners do not bill for the service rendered leading to a significant loss of potential income.

We provide hardware and software solutions for secure, encrypted voice recordings on mobile devices. Our secure, encrypted cloud storage and retrieval system enable our clients to manage and reduce their medico-legal risk and optimise their financial reward for non-tangible services rendered.

Our company supplies both the hardware and the software required. The hardware consists of a complimentary smartphone with 32GB of memory, a quad-core processor and a battery life that is double what most other smartphones on the market can offer.

The software has two components. The app turns an ordinary smartphone into a function-specific tool. Incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded and are immediately encrypted on the device. The recordings cannot be retrieved and are unusable for any third party. The recordings are then transferred to secure, SSL-protected cloud storage, where they remain encrypted.

The second component is a cloud-based user interface with full security accessible from any device with internet access. The user and nominated employees can then, based on restrictive parameters set by the user, listen and retrieve recordings. This will allow the user to modulate medico-legal risks by utilising recordings for both record keeping and billing.

There is no limit to the number of recordings and there is no direct cost for the data storage or retrieval of the recordings. The user will have full access to the recordings 24 hours a day as a subscriber to these services.